Caring for the Whole Person:

Body, Mind, and Soul

Bioscan (Whole Body)

A full body scan based on the galvanic skin response. It detects what organs, hormones, vertebrae, and meridians are out of balance. It also gives a scan of the presence of parasites, candida, heavy metals, etc. There is a library of over a hundred supplement companies, flower remedies, affirmations, etc, that are scanned to reveal your top 5 balancers!

Health Coaching

Learn how to balance your Dosha (metabolic type) through whole foods nutrition and living a balanced lifestyle. Specializing in adrenal fatigue, hormonal balance, digestive issues, sleep deprivation, anxiety/stress, depression, and weight loss! Read more to see what coaching packages are available!

Body Balancing

Yoga and Ayurveda go hand in hand. Ayurveda is a sister science to yoga. When we are living in balance with the laws of nature, exercising properly and activating the right muscles, eating a healthy diet, managing stress, and at the same time cultivating a deep spiritual practice, dis-ease is mitigated, and we can achieve true happiness and peace in this life.

Hi, I'm Carly

Founder of Wholistic Wellness Works, LLC.


I am certified in yoga, Pilates, massage therapy, and Integrated Ayurveda. I also hold a BA in Health Psychology and I am the author of Stress Free For Life, A Female Professional's Guide to Health and Wellness.


My journey began around 15 years ago, when I suffered from an anxiety disorder and developed tremors. The doctor's wanted to prescribe me medication, and I felt this was not the solution for me. This decision catapulted me into a good decade of trying to unravel the damage I had done to my own body and piece back together my health! I found along the way there are many different contributions and underlying stressors that create stress on the body.

With the use of the this NEW equipment called the BIOSCAN (Whole Body,) you can scan for all these stressors!

Some of the scans include:

Complex Wellness Scan

Organ Scan

Lifestyle Scan

Emotions Scan

Gut Health Scan

Microbes/mold/fungus/heavy metals scan

Meridians/Skeletal Structure Scan

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"For months I was experiencing discomfort in my stomach and I attributed that to a new ailment related to my blood disorder, until it became more unbearable and I realized something was just not OK anymore. I wasn't able to eat without getting super bloated.  After many tests and doctor visits, I was diagnosed with a bacterial infection in my stomach, a pesky hard to eradicate bacteria known to cause ulcers and stomach cancer. I was hesitant to take the medication they prescribed me, because I don't believe in medicating health issues/ covering them up with a temporary fix. But I was afraid of what this could do since I did not know how long or how bad it was. I unwillingly took the medication hoping it may work. I felt and GOT worse, and after waiting the required weeks to test again, after all that, the bacteria was still there. The doctor then prescribed a higher dose which I knew would only ruin my stomach even more.


I rarely take medications and once I saw that it wasn't eradicating the bacteria, I went to Carly. She did the bioscan evaluation to first assess my entire health. Then I followed the natural protocol she gave  me for ALL the issues present in my body at the time. When I tested again for the bacterial infection- it was gone. Additionally, my health improved, including the numbers on my blood test. No discomforts no hassles. Also I am still following much of the diet and supplements recommended for my health, if doing this will continue to improve my health- why not? It's not difficult or unpleasant or expensive. I'd rather treat all my ailments naturally through protocols designed for my specific need- rather than going to doctors who tell me nothing is wrong. The bacterial infection was discovered because I suggested to the doctor to do a breath test of my stomach. Otherwise, they would have never found this terrible infection and treated me for indigestion or some other common condition.

Thank you Carly for being available to help me. It is a HUGE relief to know there is an alternative, for people like me who try to live healthy; this is the better option."

-Irma, Yoga Teacher and Working Professional

"Carly Reeder is not only a great mind/body practitioner, health coach, and yoga teacher, but a wonderful person and professional in her field. The Bio-scan has been such a useful tool for creating balance and health in my life. I look forward to continuing using the Bio-scan as maintenance for my overall well-being.
I have continually been impressed with not only her work ethic but her raw talent, technique and wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend anyone to take up a session with this seasoned mind body practitioner."

~Victoria Davis -Photographer  

“What I liked best about the coaching program was how simple it was to follow and how all my cravings for sugar went away. I also lost 10 pounds after starting the Reboot and Revive 10 Day Meal Plan. I found that I have more energy and my digestion has improved tremendously. I feel lighter and cleaner in my body!”

~Sandi Hill, Insurance Consultant


“Well, I’ve tried other programs and they really weren’t very helpful at all. This program is the BEST PROGRAM I’VE EVER TRIED!”

~Shiela Thomas, Consultant

"Before working with Carly, I felt lethargic and my clothes were uncomfortable. Through Carly’s ayurvedic coaching, I am more energized and my clothes are much looser. Additionally, my blood glucose level dropped 6 points—now in a more stable and healthier range. Would highly recommend working with Carly!" ~Stacie C.,  Mom of 7!

"Carly’s ayurvedic coaching directly influenced my mood, my appearance, and my relationship with food. Even within a few weeks, I felt more emotionally balanced and lighter…and that reflected on the outside. I am grateful the program was customized to what my body (and disposition) would respond to best, and I was struck by how relaxed and natural it felt to implement the changes she advised. As there always can be when undertaking any kind of change, there were some moments of doubt or difficulty. However, Carly was a text or phone call away with encouragement, helpful tips, or exploration of more suitable options."

~Quinn C., Analyst

“The coaching program has really changed my life! I have anxiety, and in the past I’ve used medicine to treat it, and it’s never really made a huge impact in my life.  With the Ayurvedic program I have not just a food and meal plan, but a complete lifestyle plan that helps keep everything in check so that things don’t get out of balance. The anxiety doesn’t get to places where I need medicine.  Medicine is great, but it doesn’t have that long-term affect that a lifestyle change can have.


And what I like most about Carly is that she is not just knowledgeable about this program, but anything else that could come up. She is knowledgeable in essential oils, massage, meditation, yoga, and almost anything you would want to know about! All of those things have helped me sleep better and just all around feel better. I feel more content and satisfied when I eat, knowing what I’m eating is helping my body!”

~Neelam Jhala Molnar, Lawyer and Mom of Three!


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